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Emblem of Posillipo and one of the symbols of the entire city of Naples,

Palazzo Donn’Anna was constructed for the wife of the Spanish viceroy, Anna Carafa. When her husband returned to Spain alone in 1644, the unfinished palace was left abandoned and neglected. The grand but decaying baroque building projecting directly into the sea presented an irresistible subject for eighteenth- and nineteenth-century artists. In particular, thanks to the nearby villa of William Hamilton, many were the British travellers who remained fascinated. Among them Lord Bute who, shortly after having resigned as Prime Minister, went to Naples and commissioned the survey of the building. Starting from this important find in the V&A archives, Pietro Belli has curated a book recollecting the many historical, artistic and human events, which have made such place a myth. The book includes original artworks by many artists, including William Kentridge and Anselm Kiefer. 


Publisher: Allemandi, Torino

Curator: Pietro Belli

Pages: 320

Measures: 24 x 33,5 cm

Illustrations: 230 colour

Binding: hard cover with dust jacket

Language: Italian

ISBN: 422-2425-9

Price: 90,00 € (Sold out)

Should you wish a copy please contact us


Articles and papers appeared on the international architecture and design magazine Compasses.

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